Browser Help

Bookmarking the PageUp URL

  • When bookmarking the PageUp site, your web browser will bookmark an incorrect URL the first time
  • You need to edit the bookmark to change it to -  See instructions herePDF versionText only version
  • Use your browsers bookmark/favorites bar and add PageUp to it for login simplicity (if you do not know how to activate your bookmark bar, do a web search on how to add a bookmark bar

SSO &  Browser FunctionalityPDF versionText only version

  • How to work with multiple windows in PageUp
  • How to allow different users to log in to Page Up on the same computer

Pop-Ups & Cookies/Cache

Event Timeslots

  • Chrome: enter timeslot data like 1:00pm for 1pm
  • Firefox, IE and Safari: enter timeslot information like 1300 for 1pm. Do not enter the colon or am or pm
  • For ease of use, we recommend using the Chrome browser for making new events. You may use your favorite browser for all other tasks.